Western Heritage Program

The Western Heritage Program is a time for school children from around the area to come and learn local history and take part in activity put on by the program volunteers.

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Our Western Heritage Educational Program at Brown Canyon Ranch sponsored by Friends of Brown Canyon Ranch (FBCR) promises to be a thrilling one with involvement by more schools than ever before. Dates in September and October made available to county-wide schools have surpassed all expectations.

The classes will take place from 9:00 am to noon Tuesdays and Wednesdays through October 31st. School students will also have opportunity to stay longer when available time allows, bringing a sack lunch to enjoy eating together under the majestic cottonwood trees or elsewhere in shaded areas. The class sessions will generally be in 4 major groupings of 40 minutes each comprised of two paired 20-minute sessions in related content areas. All students will have a chance to experience a possibility of 7 or 8 mentor sessions of 20 minutes to motivate curiosity, interest, enrichment of knowledge and participation.

1. SCIENCE/NATURE: Science Outside – Wondrous nature observations at pond with eye, spotting scopes / Science Inside – Amazing opportunity to view the microscopic world through state-of-the-art new microscope.

2. HISTORY/HISTORIC FOLK ARTS: Interesting anecdotes, facts, ownership, tour of old historic house, use of Brown Canyon, adobe construction / Historic Folk arts when available such as quilting, crocheting, sewing, spinning, weaving and carding of cotton.

3. RANCH SKILLS AND TRADITIONS: Skills of roping, branding, cowboy gear, opportunity for hands-on roping / Ranch songs, ranch and cowboy poetry, inviting creative writing and participation.

4, CONSERVATION OF RESOURCES: Fire wise Teaching – Forest Service staff & equipment with demonstration of gear, fire-fighting, prevention, careers, training, present and past major fires / Waterwise – Historical use of water, important need for conservation of water now and in the future.

Our Western Heritage Program at BCR is a team effort. We have always had great support and encouragement and participation from the Board and from the Forest Service. We have wonderful cooperation and common mission with The Western Heritage Program in the schools. We have a remarkable pool of talented, caring, generous, knowledgeable volunteer mentors who are the heart, soul and core of our program. Volunteers come from Friends of Brown Canyon Ranch, Forest Service Staff, Western Heritage program and members the community. Without our dedicated volunteer mentors, our program would collapse. Each of our mentors makes an important contribution and keeps our program vibrant, stimulating and strong!

The complete detailed schedule (always a work in progress subject to change) will be available by the end of August as soon as confirmation of most of the requested mentors nears completion.

Thank you for your interest, involvement, caring and support.